The New Norm

USADOCONCALL is bridging the gap between you and your healthcare providers. Your membership provides you with convenient and easy-to-use services to help you with everything from primary care to mental health to counseling for all your health care concerns.

Complete Health Care Provided.


No taking time off work, no parking or waiting rooms, care around the clock.

Mental Health

Talk with a counselor when you need it. With support you will begin your healing journey.


Stay healthy by eating right, or get help with managing health conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure.


Many skin conditions can be safely and effectively treated online.

Chronic Pain

Start managing the stress of chronic pain with help from experts in pain management. 

Get access to over 3,000 + Board Certified Healthcare Professionals.

The app gives you full control over your healthcare and wellness.

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For an Annual Fee or a Monthly Installment plan get all of your healthcare and wellness needs in a single user experience.

On-Demand Urgent Care

24/7 urgent care for common conditions including COVID-19, strep throat, flu, urinary tract infections and so much more.

Virtual Primary Care

Select a Primary Care Physician to manage routine and ongoing health conditions along with medication adherence.

Behavioral Health

Unmanaged stress and anxiety can lead to fatigue and employee turnover. Employees have access to mental health providers, which are integrated into medical care.

Care Navigation

Care navigators are available for a call or chat to help members coordinate medical care, facilitate referrals and in-person care, and answer administrative health and insurance related questions.

No-Cost Prescriptions

Members get access to no-cost or low-cost prescriptions for up to 200 medications sent to their pharmacy or shipped directly to their home.

Lab Screenings

Routine and preventive labs through preferred partners nationwide, empowers subscribers to being proactive with their health.